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To live with someone is not that easy. It is quite tough to share your room with someone. But if your roommate is a Kabayan, there are many benefits.

Filipinos are known as settlers in many parts of the world since they adapt easily to the different environments they may encounter. They develop to survive and they know what survival is.

Originally from south eastern part of Asia, Filipinos are spread across the world. There are people with backgrounds from China, India, United States and Spain who married Filipinos so there is a lot of mixture of cultures among their people.

There are various habits that make the Filipinos a great companion and you can easily share your room on rent with.

kabayan roommates living together

Here we are going to share 5 Adorable facts to have a Kabayan Roommate in Dubai:

  1. Hospitality:

It is always kind to welcome the guests and to be welcomed by our guests. The Philippines are sweet by nature and they welcome their guest and friends by the nice gestures. They are master of hospitality.

  1. Faithfulness:

It’s a fact that Filipinos are among the most truthful persons in the world. Whatever your religion is, they will also be faithful to you. Their hopefulness and faithfulness keep them determined, peaceful, positive, and kind.

  1. Politeness:

Filipinos are well known for their courteous nature also. Who doesn’t like when a person talks with you in a polite tone ? Filipinos always use “Po” and “Opo” to show respect to all the elders and also who are in the higher position than them. You can see gestures of politeness in their every actions and word. They are so kind that they always address their staff members as “Sir” or “Mam” to show honor and humility to serve them in a proper manner.

  1. The sense of Humor and Jolliness:

Filipinos always remain in full of smiles and joy. Their sense of humor is outstanding. They will always give you fun. They are always living their lives in hopeful and positive manner which rebuilds their lives even better. As far as their sense of humor is concerned, you can see in all their TV shows, movies, and in every person, you will meet. They will surely remove your stress once you are back from your office in your shared accommodation

  1. Helpfulness:

Originally, Kabayan is rich in morals, habits, good values, and attitudes. They are also very helpful, no matter which country you are from and which language you speak. They are always helpful every time.

So here are some great qualities of Kabayan. There are so many other good things about them. If your roommate is a kabayan, you will surely love to share your room on rent with them.

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