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Dubai is a very modern city. There is always demand for the sharing accommodation in Dubai as there are thousands of bachelors, students, and professionals living on rent. It is costly to keep changing your home from one place to another.

That is why many tenants consider the option of negotiating a price reduction in the rooms on rent with the landlord. This is an important step. There are some very important tips to ask your landlord for a room rent reduction.

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Room rent reduction

Here are some tips:

Know your contract well:

The first thing, you need to know is how your contract is made. When your income is reviewed, with what price index, what obligations you have, what rights and when you can leave the house. Always remember that the landlord has no obligation to review the price beyond what the contract says, so getting a substantial reduction on room rent must be done through a negotiation.

Know the offer of the area:

It is essential to know the accommodations that are rented similar to yours and the prices of the area to know if your room rent is cheap or expensive. It will be your main weapon to support and substantiate your request for rebate. Bring a list of shared accommodations for rent in the area, if it is in the same block, better, and their prices so that you see that your rental is out of the market. You should also read a newspaper or a daily classified where you will be updated about the rates of the rented accommodation. It can be a great help to quickly and efficiently know what is around you and also how prices have evolved recently.

Be polite:

Education should never be lost. You are in a negotiation and nobody has more obligations or rights than those that the contract marks. You get more reasoning with the owner than trying to impose a price or a rebate.

Exploit your past from good payer:

If you are a good tenant, you have not given problems and you have paid your  room rents punctually you must take advantage of it. The landlords are afraid of the uncertainty of having to find another tenant and will always doubt what it will be like, therefore, if you have been “good” it is time to make it profitable.

Offer an advance payment:

You should offer a logical price based on those around you and if possible, also offer an advance payment as a sign of goodwill and to see that he can also win the change.

With all this, you must go to the landlord and ask for a conversation in person. It will be better to do it at home because if you have to give an example of the deterioration of the house can be done quickly.

With all these tips, give him a few days to make a decision. It may take a few days to accept the new situation and also surely have to consult with more people. Stay with him when you wait for his call and if he does not call after a few days, call him to remind him of the situation.

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