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Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai 30 X 30 fitness challenge is all about creating Dubai the most active city in the world. The
aim of the initiative is to make people fall in love with exercising by encouraging them to take part
in 30 days long activities and free workout classes. It is for the people of all age group from 9 to
99 as it consists almost every other form of activity from jogging to swimming, running, athletics,
cycling aerobics, walking, team sports, paddle boarding, and yoga. All the exercises or activities
are supervised by experts so that they are performed in the right way. The challenge was first
launched in October 2017, and millions of people from around the world participated in it. This
year the target is even bigger. This is a reason many people look for apartments for rent in

The fitness challenge was started by the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed
Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This is a much-needed initiative as the majority of the citizens of Dubai
including the teenagers are unfit. According to a survey it was found that more than 30 percent of
both men and women of Dubai are overweight as they are physically inactive. It is a really serious
matter, and therefore the crown prince launched a groundbreaking but interesting challenge in
order to elevate the physical fitness of its citizens. In an interview prince of Dubai said that adding
physical activity and sports to their daily routine will help the people improve their lifestyle and
quality of lives.

The goal of the Dubai 30 x 30 challenge is to inspire the people to exercise for at least 30
minutes every day for a month. The challenge includes five-weekend carnivals at Safa Park of
Dubai. Different celebrities and guests will also be going to appear in these carnivals making it
more exciting and fun. There is absolutely no better way to make you fitter.

The Dubai fitness challenge is for everyone from fitness enthusiast to those people who have never
exercised. The challenge is not only limited to the citizens of Dubai, but anyone from around the
world can participate in it. All is you need to do is get yourself registered. Even if you don’t live in
Dubai, you can visit and participate in this challenge. You can take a room for rent in Dubai for a
month and can enjoy this fun fitness challenge.

Dubai 30 x 30 challenge is really beneficial to the bachelors. It influences their life in many ways.
It only makes them physically fit but also heal their mind making them free from stress and
anxiety. Here are some more ways Dubai 30 x 30 challenge influence the life of bachelors.

Physically fit and away from health problems

Most of the bachelors nowadays are physically inactive. This results in a wide range of health
problems starting from diabetes to high cholesterol levels, abnormal blood pressure, etc. All these
diseases are directly associated with obesity. Thus the challenge is going to be really beneficial to
those bachelors who spend most of their time relaxing on their couch. By participating in this 30
days challenge, they can become much healthier in a very fun way.

Goodbye to mental stress

A bachelor life is full of stress. He has to manage a number of stuff in his day to day life, and there
is no one to help him out. Completing projects prior to the deadline, house rent, job stress, etc
makes his life full of pressure. Thus by taking the Dubai challenge, he can make his life stress free.
It is scientifically proven that a few minutes of exercise or yoga refresh and relax both your mind
and body and ultimately making their life better and stress-free.

Say no to drinking and smoking habits

Most of the teenagers and bachelors are now addicted to smoking and alcohol drinking. The
addiction is also related to stress. Most of the people start consuming these things because it
makes them feel relaxed by diverting their mind. However, it only works for some time and it also
adversely affect the health very badly. Thus by finding new and healthy ways of stress handling
they can completely overcome their addiction.

If you are also a bachelor, who is living a stress-free life you can participate in this amazing event
to get rid of it. It does not matter whether you live in Dubai or not you can simply register and can
take flats for rent in Dubai. Go visit Dubai with your friends or family to experience it yourself.
Improving the communicating skills

If you are a kind of guy who rarely interacts with other or is scared to communicate with
strangers, then the Dubai challenge is definitely for you. Millions of people use to participate in this
challenge, and thus you can greatly enhance your communication or soft skills by registering
yourself. No worries if you are unable to afford a room or flat because you can even book bed
spaces in Dubai.

Making them fall in love with exercise

Dubai fitness challenge is really easy and fun. If you are someone who hates exercising or outdoor
activities then you are in the right place. By successfully participating and competing you can
surely develop a good habit of regular exercising and can ultimately enrich your lifestyle.

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