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It isn’t new to people looking for rooms for rent in Dubai that shared accommodations is one of the many ways that singles in Dubai can make the most out of their salaries. Dubai is a great place to live with many opportunities for everyone being the world’s melting pot of different cultures.

However, many are still skeptical of living in shared rooms for bachelors without really personally knowing your roommates. Of course, the fear of their safety is not unfounded too, though crime rates in Dubai is relatively lower compared to other Middle East cities.shared accommodations

Still weighing the pros and cons of getting shared accommodations on rent? Let these 7 reasons help you be confident in finding a bed space in Dubai.

Reasons: Why Shared Accommodations is the Best Decision for Singles in Dubai?

Here are different reasons you have to ponder when making your decision. We’ve come up from the least important to the most important reasons:

  1. Find new set of friends and possibly get to know other cultures too.

Although some find it hard to live with different set of cultures, there are many who would welcome the idea of knowing people of different nationalities. However, if you’re not comfortable with the idea, it’s best to share bed space with folks of the same nationalities to avoid conflict.

  1. Division of house chores.

If you can afford to get one whole apartment for yourself, it comes with the responsibility of cleaning it all by yourself too, unless you can still afford to hire a housekeeper. However, if you’re an expat who came to the city for work and has an average salary, looking for a bed space in Dubai is most appropriate. This also means people living with you shares the responsibility of cleaning.

  1. Someone to be with you when you’re sick.

Scenarios when migrant workers are sick and away from their families almost always result to homesickness preventing them to function well. This will lessen if you have people around you while you’re not in a good condition.

  1. Special occasions become lively since you’re not ALL alone.

Imagine the Christmas holidays while you’re away from home. Share celebrations, make memories, share rents by sharing accommodation with flatmates who are your second family. Missing your family back home is normal and won’t go away, but at the very least, you’re NOT ALL ALONE during special occasions such as your birthday and holidays.

  1. Lower transport expenses by carpooling.

This stands true for those who have roommates who have their own vehicles. Transport expenses can pile up and at the end of the month, you’ll notice that it takes a big chunk of your total expenses.

  1. No time to be bored.

As there are other people living with you, there’s no time for you to be bored. You can always find something to do with them without having to break the bank, such as binge-watching of TV series or movie marathon. The sky’s the limit on the things that you can do.

  1. Big chunk of savings.

Let’s face it! Most singles in Dubai came here not to live lavishly but to work for their family back home in another country. So, that means the more you can save, the better for your family’s future too.

Sharing accommodations may also have a myriad of drawbacks. But for factors that you can’t control, it’s advisable to just learn how to live with it; else, living in this vibrant city won’t be easy for you.

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